Case Study

GM (General Motors / General Mobility)

As GM moves from General Motors to General Mobility, it’s hiring practices and web site need to transition while the brand evolves. I was brought in to develop a new careers site for GM with the following objectives:

  • Integrate with updated messaging and branding
  • Create a journey from point-of-entry all the way to application which is a seamless and easily navigated experience
  • Personalize content and encourage candidate self-selection

Young STEM talent was identified as a critical audience group. Supporting content needed to vary (through personalization) by career path and region of the world. As an overarching message, visitors to the site had to be shown how they will advance through their careers, emphasizing the ability to chart their own path and future career, with the support from management that helps them get there.

An added dynamic was navigating a multi-agency relationship in which UX and design had to be seamlessly handed-off to a separate digital agency responsible for development.

The resulting site has won multiple industry accolades including: Gold W3 Award; Communicator Award; and, WebAwards for Outstanding Web Site

Tasks & Deliverables

  • Site map
  • Wireframes
  • Design prototype development
  • Functionality annotations / development specs

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UX Timeline & Work Samples

Briefed-in by Agency

GM is a repeat client, so onboarding was simple and streamlined – read project brief, attend kick-off meeting, download and digest research. A separate development agency was engaged for Adobe Experience Manager integration and work on Taleo (applicant tracking system).

Site Map

Information architecture work included developing taxonomy to support personalization on the new site.

View Site Map


Developed wireframes with call-outs for personalized content areas.

View Wireframes

Usability Testing on Design Prototype

Built clickable prototype appropriate for usabilty testing from design .PSD files. Coordinated usability test with GM’s internal usability testing lab, which conducted test sessions. Collaborated on findings with in-house usability staff.

Functionality Annotations

Annotated wireframes with functionality specifications for hand-off to developers. These were built off template files provided by the developers which listed pre-programmed modules, thereby streamlining the programming process.